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Q: What exactly does iGetCustomers do for me?
A: iGetCustomers does one thing, and does it well: we get you customers. Simple as that. Through a potent combination of traffic and conversion strategies, we drive more traffic to your funnel or offer, and make sure they convert when they get there.
Q: How do I know you do this better than anyone else?
A: Great question - simple answer: My track record. Still under the age of 30 - I’ve become an online multi millionaire, building up a number of businesses from scratch to become one of the youngest and highest paid entrepreneurs in this industry. And it’s all based on getting traffic and conversions - in other words - I get customers, and I can get them for you too. (Please see attached client feedback and results for more)
Q: How much does iGetCustomers cost?
A: That’s an important question, but there’s no simple answer this time. The reason is: we don’t just provide some useless one-size-fits-all solution, we customize campaigns to suit your needs, your business and your goals. We work on a per project basis, so it’s impossible to give you an honest, accurate price before we even speak.
Q: No seriously, how much does it cost?
A: Here’s the thing: iGetCustomers doesn’t “cost” anything. It’s not a cost of doing’s actually an investment. For every dollar you invest, you’ll make back that dollar, and then some. We’re not like an accountant or your ISP, those are costs. We are a revenue-generating service, and if you can invest a dollar and get back $2 every time, how many times are you going to invest that dollar?
Q: How will you generate clicks traffic for me?
A: We use high quality solo ads or email traffic to send you the very best, red hot, targeted and qualified traffic ready to buy what you’re selling
Q. What is a ‘solo ad’?
A: A solo ad is an advert of yours that goes out to another person's e-mail list or website (typically an e-mail list) in order to try to get clicks from them to your offer(s). Quite often a solo ad is an entire exclusive mailing of just your ad / email swipe, but occasionally some solo ads might just be smaller ads on a standard newsletter, for instance. They're a great way to get fast traffic, build a list, and make money!
Q: What are the typical optin rates / conversion rates with your traffic?
A: Traffic varies but we see most pages are getting anywhere from a 24% optin rate to a 42% optin rate. It really depends on the squeeze page supplied. The conversion rates on the backend has a lot to do with the funnel you are using and the follow ups.
Q: Let’s say I’m getting some traffic - how are you going to improve my conversions?
A: If you’re running your own website or funnel, it’s easy! We are experts in direct response marketing, and we’ll make improvements to your landing pages and sales pages to convert more of your visitors into leads and customers. And if you’re simply promoting an affiliate offer there are several ‘pre-selling’ strategies you can use to improve your results.
Q: Does this work for Affiliate and Empower Network?
A: Definitely YES! I have personally made MILLIONS with both Affiliate Networkts and Empower Network with these exact same tactics and strategies that you’ll soon be using for yourself. And I can tell you from checking my bank account...they WORK!
Q: Do you use any ‘black hat’ or shady tactics to get results?
A: Not at all. I’ve never been tempted to resort to anything underhanded to get a lead or a sale. It’s just not worth it - I believe the key to success in business is to get repeat business...and if you disappoint your customers or rip them off, why would they ever come back?
Q: I’m just not quite sure if this service is for me, can I get more information without a sales pitch?
A: We would be happy to provide you with all the information you’ll ever need, and you’re never under any obligation to spend a single penny with us. When you’re ready to find out more we’d love to offer you a free consultation worth $495 where we will diagnose your requirements, and tell you everything you need to know, including some actionable strategies you can put to use right away.