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“Send Words...Get Money”

Here’s How Our Copywriting Services Could Double, Triple Or Even Quadruple Your Leads, Sales And Profits Almost Overnight With ZERO Extra Effort On Your Part

An interesting story shows you EXACTLY how this works:

A couple of years ago I met 2 clients at one of my London events. Both were men in their 30s, both newly married with young families. And importantly, both had just started learning about online marketing to build wealth and create a better lifestyle for their loved ones.

We had a great time on the day and they went home to implement what they’d learned.

Not long ago, I bumped into them at a recent event I held, and at first they seemed like peas in a pod. They both still had young families, both still had online businesses, and both were working as hard as they could now to build a better future.

However...that’s where the similarities ended.

One of the men was working long hours every day, working on traffic, email, offers, everything I teach and he was doing around US$1,000 to $3,000 a month, which was a welcome addition to his 9-5 income, but no more.

But the second man could not have been more different. A typical month for him would be closer to $100,000, and often even more. He had said goodbye to his 9-5 job soon after that first event, and he and his family lived the ‘internet lifestyle’ to the fullest, taking holidays wherever and whenever they wanted.

What made the difference?

How could two people with similar skills, intelligence and educations get results that are miles apart? How could they both come to my event, learn the same things, work just as hard as the other, yet one merely gets by, while the other gets rich.

The difference is NOT luck, it’s not a huge corporate traffic budget, or some miracle product that everyone wants.

The difference is COPYWRITING.

When I looked over their marketing materials - I could immediately see the difference. I could see why one guy was working his fingers to the bone while the other was in a resort pool at the swim-up bar, enjoying life.

Effective Web Development Solutions

This is the GOLDEN RULE of marketing:

You Can Drive Unlimited Traffic To Your Funnel - But If It Doesn’t CONVERT - You Make ZERO MONEY.

This is the power of iGetCustomers Copywriting Services...however you get traffic to your site, funnel, offer, whatever - if they don’t sign up or buy, it’s all for nothing.

Even if you throw a torrent of traffic at an offer - a high converting page will make a HUGE difference in your sales and profits.

And if you only get a few hits to your site - then you need to make sure you CONVERT them when they do get there.

iGetCustomers Copywriting Service makes sure you do not throw money away like this.

Let’s face it - the internet is a crowded marketplace, and its only getting worse by the day. Every man and his dog has an opt in form and an Add To Cart button, so you MUST find a way to stand out of the crowd.

When we at iGetCustomers handle your copywriting:

  • You get to CONVERT MORE of those precious visitors into leads, sales and profits, otherwise you’re leaving a lot of money on the table
  • There is ZERO extra effort required on your part - simply take our cash-spitting sales copy, put it on your page or emails, and watch the extra money roll in
  • You’ll find your opt in pages convincing more people to enter their email addresses...and we can even get more of them to enter their MAIN EMAIL addresses, rather than a yahoo or hotmail address they never check
  • Your sales pages will excite your prospects, lead them down a carefully and strategically built path to the sale at the end - and more people will purchase right there and then
  • Your emails will be eagerly anticipated and even forwarded on like a viral email, as your prospects look forward to your next email with excitement
  • We can even work the same magic on your videos and webinars - the best video content always follows our copywriting principles to produce maximum sales and profits
  • Everything just gets EASIER when all that extra cash comes rolling in

The late, great copywriting legend Gary Halbert said the best solution to any business problem was a great sales letter - and I’ve found this to be absolutely true.

Not long ago I had an ‘incident’ in Phuket, Thailand where my jetski got damaged - and even though it was little more than a scratch...the damage came to over US$1,000.

And I had to hand over the cash on the spot.

Because I use great copywriting in my sales funnels, I had the cash to hand over.

Because I use great copywriting, I wasn’t stressed out by the incident at all.

Because I use great copywriting, this wasn’t a huge problem at all.

Can you imagine if I was a regular employee on holiday? Can you imagine if that $1,000 was a month’s salary? Can you imagine if that $1,000 was my entire vacation budget?

Can you imagine if I simply didn’t have the money? I wouldn’t expect much sympathy from the tour operators…

Who Is This Service For?

  • Online entrepreneurs who are sending traffic to a landing page or opt in form where you need to convince the prospect it’s worth them giving up their best email address
  • Business owners who want to make more money from the traffic you’re getting now (And remember that great copywriting works just as well ‘offline’...)
  • Marketers who are selling a product or service online and who want to stand out from the crowd of MILLIONS of other people doing the same thing
  • Affiliate marketers who are using pre-sell pages, review sites, any content to warm up your prospects and you want to send your commissions THROUGH THE ROOF
  • Service providers who MUST land that next job or client to pay the bills (Advanced tip: put great copywriting to work for you and pretty soon you will have FAR MORE DEAL FLOW than you’ve ever experienced before…)
  • Anyone and everyone selling some kind of product or service online, and you need to cut through the clutter, grab your prospect by the throat and wrestle the money from their wallets and purses

I know from experience - online business is a dog-eat-dog world where those with great copywriting prosper...and those without it have to stay with their 9-5 jobs.

Here’s How YOU Can Get The Power Of Great Copywriting In Your Business

You’ve seen the awesome power of great copywriting in action - now it’s time to see how it’ll work for YOU.

But there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so there’s no ‘add to cart’ button here, instead, I've decided to give you some of our valuable time with a free consultation worth US$495.

And this is no sales pitch...we’ll go over your current marketing and your sales copy, see where we can make improvements, and best of all - we’ll give you some workable immediate solutions that you can implement right away, to boost optins, sales and cashflow right now.

When you’re ready to find out how we can help, please click the button below to book your free consultation.